For employees

Staffgate Oy is a Finnish labour hire and recruitment service company. We have a large international background and experience in international labour hiring and recruitments over 15 years. Our idea is to flexibly bring together the Finnish and other Nordic countries companies that need workers and those who need work.

We search and employ workers for manufacturing industries and also higher educated experts mainly to the following fields: Landscaping, forestry and forest mechanical industry, metal and concrete element industries, housing construction, logistics, care sector and information technology.

Our employees are the business cards of our company. In addition to professional skills, according to the required level of work, we invest in our employees and we expect employees to be ready to regularly improve their professional skills and communication abilities and to maintain a good physical condition and healthy lifestyle, that quarantees a stable emotional and physical everyday level.

Staffgate - tiimityö

How to find employment in Finland

  1. Submit your application and CV
  2. We review it and find you a suitable employment
  3. Our partners will help you with Visa and other required legal paperwork
  4. We will help you with travel and accommodation
  5. We assist with the process of integration in all the ways the applicant needs such as language education and introduction to Finnish culture and society.

Staffgate provides it’s workers with all the required support and assistance to reliably and comfortably enter the Finnish employment market and find work that is suitable for them.

For employees

  • We provide you with working clothes
  • Collective pay – Salary is paid always at least at TES level
  • Insurance. All our workers are insured
  • Occupational safety courses and other necessary training

With regard to the international workers, our company solves all issues related to immigration and starting work:

  • Visa applications and visit in tax office to get a tax card and visit in bank to get a bank account
  • Accommodation and travelling
  • Language training, if needed
  • We also take responsibility to help new persons in their free time to adapt to Finnish society.
Staffgate - Koulutus

Our fields of works

When you send us your application tell us in what field would you like to work and what experience you have from it.

Welder, process worker, assembler, metal worker and other production professionals. Among other things, the forest industry and the technology industry.

Construction worker, demolition worker, carpenter and other professionals in the field. Also green and environmental construction.

Design and expert assignments in industry and construction. Also mechanical design, strength calculation, energy technology and layout design.

Property manager, cleaner, plant manager and others.

Warehouse worker, terminal worker, forklift driver and others.

Kindergarten teacher, home helper, nurse and other.

Seller, sales consultant, customer service consultant and others.

Accountant, secretary, assistants and others.

Staffgate - Haastattelu

Do you still have questions?

Our staff will help you with anything and answer all your questions!

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 is a Finnish company with over 15 years of international experience.