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We are a Finnish based, fast-growing staffing company with an extensive network of partners both in Finland and abroad. We have vast experience in staffing solutions from a variety of industries and have quickly grown to become one of the trusted staffing partners to major construction and timber manufacturers in southern Finland. Today, we pride ourselves on our extensive connections for labor pools in Finland, the Baltic States and former Soviet republics to identify and place talent for a variety of functions and levels. Our mission is simple: Help businesses grow by matching the right, cost-effective talent to our customers staffing needs and become their trusted partner.

We accomplish this goal by ensuring we have a detailed understanding of your requirements and act with trust and transparency every step of the process We understand all aspects of our respective industries and work hard to build meaningful relationships with our customers.

We recruit and convey employees in the following sectors

We focus on the construction and metal industry and care sector. We also provide expert knowledge for example landscaping also. Besides labour hiring, we also provide subcontracting to construction companies.

We listen

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It is vital that we take time to understand our client’s needs so that we can present the most qualified candidates. We do the same with our candidates. We have extensive connections in our respective industries both in Finland our abroad and we take time to understand each candidate’s needs, expectations and qualifications. We are constantly developing our network of industry talent so that we can best meet our client’s goals.

We deliver

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We have built an excellent reputation with our customers by delivering the right resources at the right time. Virtually all of our customers have renewed their commitments with us or have expanded their partnership with us. We accomplish this by handpicking the best candidates for their respective positions and always act with “customer first” mentality.

Our values

Our customers are our partners. We approach each customer relationship with the partnering mindset where we are both working towards a common goal. Right resource at the right time is our motto!


Every Staffgate employee acts like an owner of the company. We all take a long-term view and always act on behalf of the company rather than their our own self-interest.


We will always conduct ourselves with honesty with our employees, customers and partners. Staffgate will bring you experienced, trained and motivated employees!

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