Open positions

Welcome to Staffgate’s Open positions website, through which you can apply for an open position that interests you. Staffgate also helps you in all stages of the job search. We familiarize you with the work tasks as needed and are responsible for the courses, safety clothing, insurance and wages according to the collective agreements that the employees need.

If necessary, we help with housing, tools and travel arrangements, and we also offer internship opportunities and contacts with partner companies in our domain. You can either work at Staffgate or you can find a job in a partner company with our help.

Professional skills and exprience



We cooperate with employees, companies from many different industries, public employment services and educational institutions.



We benefit from our professional skills in good recruitment and our knowledge of various tasks and industries.



We help the employer and worker to face both short- and long-term work needs, be it production or expert tasks.



We use and utilize new technologies that bring results and added value to our partners.

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Expertise from many industries

Staffgate, teollisuus, työturvallisuus, work safety


Welder, process worker, assembler, metal worker and other production professionals. Among other things, the forest industry and the technology industry.

Staffgate, Rakennustyöntekijä, purkutyöntekijä, kirvesmies ja muut alan ammattilaiset. Myös viher- ja ympäristörakentaminen.


Construction worker, demolition worker, carpenter and other professionals in the field. Also green and environmental construction.

Työnantaja Avoimet työpaikat. erilaiset työtehtävät


Design and expert assignments in industry and construction. Also mechanical design, strength calculation, energy technology and layout design.

Staffgate, Kiinteistöhoitaja, siivooja, laitoshuoltaja ja muut alan ammattilaise


Property manager, cleaner, plant manager and others.

Staffgate, Varastotyöntekijä, terminaalityöntekijä, trukkikuski ja muut alan ammattilaiset.


Warehouse worker, terminal worker, forklift driver and others.

Staffgate - Haastattelu Henkilöstövuokraus Suorarekrytointipalvelut, Varhaiskasvatuksen työtekijä, kotihoitaja, lähihoitaja, sairaanhoitaja, hoiva-avustaja ja muut alan ammattilaiset. Tunneäly. Henkilöstövuokrauspalvelut, suorarekrytointi


Kindergarten teacher, home helper, nurse and other.

Staffgate - Myyntityö


Seller, sales consultant, customer service consultant and others.

Staffgate - Toimihenkilötehtävät, vuokratyöntekijä, Toimitusjohtaja, tuotantopäällikkö, työnjohtaja, ostaja, toimistotyöntekijä, kirjanpitäjä, sihteeri, assistentti ja muut alan ammattilaiset.


Accountant, secretary, assistants and others.

Are you looking for a job?

If you haven’t found a job that suits you on the Open positions -website, you can send us a message or an open job application on the Contact page of this website. Send a message to the office.

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How to find employment in Finland

  1. Submit your application and CV
  2. We review it and find you a suitable employment
  3. Our partners will help you with Visa and other required legal paperwork
  4. We will help you with travel and accommodation
  5. We assist with the process of integration in all the ways the applicant needs such as language education and introduction to Finnish culture and society.

Staffgate provides it’s workers with all the required support and assistance to reliably and comfortably enter the Finnish employment market and find work that is suitable for them.

For employees

  • We provide you with working clothes
  • Collective pay – Salary is paid always at least at TES level
  • Insurance. All our workers are insured
  • Occupational safety courses and other necessary training

With regard to the international workers, our company solves all issues related to immigration and starting work:

  • Visa applications and visit in tax office to get a tax card and visit in bank to get a bank account
  • Accommodation and travelling
  • Language training, if needed
  • We also take responsibility to help new persons in their free time to adapt to Finnish society.
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