Learn Finnish - Is learning Finnish necessary or not?

Learn Finnish

When a foreign employee comes to work in Finland, after a certain time he begins to think about whether he needs to learn Finnish. At first, he may even be trying to learn a couple of new words or expressions. But when he encounters the first problems, he gives up these attempts, especially if English or his native language is enough for him to communicate in the workplace, and there is no great need to learn Finnish.

These difficulties are understandable. Finnish is one of the five most difficult foreign languages in the world. 15 cases and a huge number of vowels will put anyone into a stupor, completely discouraging the desire to study it. Plus, pronouns and prepositions in a sentence are replaced by suffixes (affixes) in words. The Finnish language has a very complex grammar.

However, it is worth considering that learning a foreign language of the country in which you work can be extremely useful for many reasons. Knowing Finnish opens doors to new cultures, people and opportunities, and provides access to a variety of resources that may not be available in your native language in Finland. Knowledge of a foreign language really gives freedom of communication and allows you to establish deeper and more meaningful connections with people.

Integration and adaptation

Speaking Finnish helps you adapt to a new country faster, and begin to better understand the local culture and traditions. Learn Finnish – this contributes to better integration into Finnish society and your workforce. You feel like a full-fledged member of Finnish society, which gives you a feeling of fullness of life.

This is especially important if your family moved with you, and the children have already started attending kindergarten or school. Spending time with them learning Finnish will help strengthen the relationship between you and your children. Joint study can include games, reading books, learning poetry, watching educational videos, cartoons, creating and doing a new hobby. In the process of communication and interaction, an atmosphere of support and understanding is created, you exchange knowledge, teach each other new things and share experiences. Such a joint pastime will help to relieve tension and stress, give confidence to both you and the children during the period of adaptation in a new country. 

Professional communication and professional growth 

Knowing Finnish in the workplace means knowing the language of your work environment and allows you to better understand instructions, communication with Finnish colleagues, which contributes to more effective work. 

Even small efforts from your side to speak Finnish and improve its level gives you always arouses the respect of Finnish colleagues and creates a pleasant impression of you. This means that it is important for you to be a part of Finnish society, that you are interested in this country and respect its language, culture, and way of life.

Our company employs a large number of foreign workers, most of whom do not speak Finnish, and English is at an elementary or intermediate level. If you speak Finnish, among other things, you will have an advantage over other colleagues who speak neither Finnish nor English when you are promoted or even transferred to the new working position.

Improving the effectiveness of team-work

The importance of teamwork in Finland is at the highest level. There is a lot of emphasis on collaboration and social skills in working life and education. Team-work provides an opportunity to explore the different points of view and skills of others. Knowledge of the Finnish language allows you to better cooperate with colleagues, understand their needs and express your thoughts and ideas more accurately, share experiences more effectively and gain new knowledge and skills. 

Freedom of communication and a diverse cultural life

Knowing Finnish allows you to express your thoughts and feelings, enriching dialogue and information exchange. You can freely visit theaters, cinemas, various events, immerse yourself in various forms of art, music, literature, which will expand your understanding of the world and promote creative development. Now your social circle is not limited to your friends and family, you can freely communicate with all residents of Finland.

Learn Finnish – it’s worth it!

Summing up, we can say that learning Finnish can not only help you better perform your professional duties and tasks, but also contributes to personal development and professional growth, gives freedom of communication, accelerates and facilitates integration into Finnish society.