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Work safety concerns everyone

Work safety is one of the most crucial aspects here at Staffgate, regardless of the employee’s job role. The work environments, facilities and conditions vary depending on the profession and tasks. Each workplace has its own procedures, different information systems, safety guidelines, job and production control. Work safety is the foundation of both productivity and well-being, affecting all industries and each of us as individuals.

Working conditions play a vital role

It is essential to take work safety factors seriously. Different variables, especially affecting the actual work, must be considered in the workplace. Work safety involves proactive safety management within the workplace. Successful anticipation and preparation can prevent many potential dangers and near misses.

The Work Safety Act and its related regulations require employers to ensure the health and safety of employees at work. When working conditions are well-maintained, both physical and mental work-related stress are managed, also work productivity improves. It is the employee’s responsibility to follow guidelines and report any deficiencies. If an employee notices any shortcomings in the work environment, workplace, or equipment, they must immediately inform the employer and the safety representative.

A safe workplace for everyone

Safe, healthy, and suitable workspaces enhance smooth work processes and prevent accidents and illnesses. The work environment needs to be carefully planned and constructed, with regular maintenance of the premises and equipment. Any defects and deficiencies observed at the workplace must be addressed as quickly as possible. The workplace should have safe and healthy structures and materials, as well as appropriate lighting and temperature.

Attention should be paid to healthy indoor air quality and effective ventilation. Smoking in shared workspaces is prohibited, and the employer may restrict smoking during working hours and within the workplace. If necessary, measures should be taken to ensure that employees are not exposed to radon radiation. Collaboration between various stakeholders is crucial in occupational safety and health. The importance of anticipation and planning is emphasized, especially in work modes where the employer has limited influence over the conditions.

Cleanliness is an essential part of workplace safety

Workstations, chairs, equipment, necessary tools and gear must be suitable for the tasks at hand and safe to use. Lifting, moving, and storing items should also be done safely. Good workplace organization prevents hazardous situations and allows for proper cleaning. Passageways must be clear, items should be stored in designated locations.

Proper personnel facilities are essential for a good work environment

Appropriate personnel facilities should be provided for employees. A good work environment includes sufficient dining and rest areas, restrooms, as well as facilities for washing and changing. The workplace must also be prepared for emergency situations. Employees should be given protection and evacuation instructions. Additionally, the employer must ensure adequate first aid readiness and provide space for administering first aid, when necessary, as well as ensure fire safety and evacuation during emergencies.

Work Safety Card – ensuring safety in a shared workplace

Safety in a shared workplace requires effective collaboration between the contracting company and the supplier companies. Work safety card training provides basic knowledge of workplace hazards and occupational safety in a shared workplace. Upon successful completion of the training, a personal work safety card, valid for five years, is issued.

Wishing everyone a safe workday!

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STAFFGATE – Work in Finland

Sources and additional information in Finland:

Instructions for Employees

Follow instructions and report deficiencies.

If you notice any deficiencies in your work environment, workplace, or equipment, please report them to your employer and the safety representative.

Maintain the organization of your workspace according to your employer’s guidelines. Put items in their designated places and keep workspaces and personnel facilities clean. Good order enables proper cleaning at the workplace.

Also, keep the passageways clear and follow the designated routes in the workplace for your safety and the safety of others.

Instructions for Employers

The employer is responsible for occupational safety.

The employer is responsible for ensuring the safety of the work environment. It is the employer’s duty to ensure that the work environment does not pose a danger to the health of the employees. The employer must identify and assess the factors that may pose risks in the workplace and plan and implement measures to eliminate or reduce these identified risks. The assessment should be updated regularly or when conditions change.

For example, the employer must ensure that the ventilation of the premises is regularly maintained, and any issues related to ventilation functionality or indoor air quality are addressed.

If the workplace is in an area exposed to radon radiation or if work is conducted permanently underground, the employer must ensure that employees are not exposed to radon radiation.

Proper organization and essential cleaning should be maintained in all workplace areas.

Safe vehicle and pedestrian traffic within the workplace should be organized and clear routes should be marked. If necessary, the employer should establish traffic guidelines for internal workplace traffic. Employees should be trained in and monitored for compliance with these guidelines.

Personnel facilities must be provided for employees, which should be easy to maintain and comfortable. Additionally, personnel facilities must be shielded from external views. It is also necessary to ensure that harmful dust, noise, other hazards do not affect personnel facilities.

The design of personnel facilities should adhere to the RT Card 103140 Personnel Facilities (2020) guidelines. This guideline card is based on the work safety act and the regulations concerning safety and health requirements in workplaces.